Bard College Catalogue

The Bard College Catalogue contains detailed descriptions of the College's undergraduate programs and courses, curriculum, admission and financial aid procedures, student activities and services, history, campus facilities, affiliated institutions including graduate programs, and faculty and administration.

Bard College Catalogue, 2018–19

Bard College Catalogue, 2018–19

Residence Life

On-Campus Housing

The Bard campus offers more than 50 student residences that embrace a wide range of architectural characteristics, social styles, and sizes. All have internet access; the majority have social rooms, kitchens, and coin-operated laundry rooms. Many boast beautiful views of the Catskill Mountains to the west. Most residence halls are coed, and roughly one-third of the rooms are singles. While residences are within easy walking or biking distance of all academic and recreational facilities, the College operates a regularly scheduled shuttle bus that makes stops on campus. 

Students who live on campus—and most do—are required to participate in a meal plan, which offers flexible menus and extended hours in the campus dining commons. The meal plan may also be used in both the Manor House and Down the Road Cafés on campus and at the Green Onion, a campus grocery store.

Peer Counselors and Area Coordinators  Another aspect of campus living is the support provided by student and professional staff called peer counselors (PCs) and area coordinators (ACs). They help residents develop community through programs and activities aimed at creating an environment conducive to academic engagement and safe community living. Peer counselors are student leaders who are hired, trained, and supervised by the Office of Residence Life and Housing. They live in the residence halls and provide assistance and support to new and returning students by organizing social, educational, and cultural events in order to build cohesive residential communities. Area coordinators are full-time, professional staff members who live on campus. They assist in the management of residence halls and provide support to residents and PCs through advisement, counseling, and referrals, including on-duty crisis management.

Room Assignment for New Students   The Office of Residence Life and Housing assigns rooms and roommates based on the information provided by each new student on the housing profile form. Ultimately, all housing assignments are subject to the discretion of the director of housing. All first-year students are required to live on campus and are assigned to doubles or triples. The only first-year students permitted to live off campus meet one of the following criteria: they (a) have a permanent residence within 50 miles of Bard College, (b) are married, (c) are veterans, or (d) are over 21 years of age.

Room Draw  During the end of the spring semester, current students who will continue to live on campus select their room and roommate (if applicable) by lottery. Students who have not yet moderated into the Upper College are guaranteed on-campus housing and are required to live on campus. Moderated students may elect to live off campus but must complete the Intent to Live Off Campus Form by the required spring deadline.

Intersession Housing (summer and winter)  When classes are not in session many residences are occupied by first-year students participating in academic programs or conference groups and workshop participants. Students who wish to live on campus during this time must obtain permission from the Office of Residence Life and Housing by a separate application process and pay an additional daily housing fee. The College does not offer on-campus storage to students during the summer months but provides information regarding local storage options.

Board   Students living on campus are required to be on a meal plan. Chartwells dining service caters to vegans, vegetarians, nonvegetarians, and individuals with allergies and other dietary restrictions.

Students with Families  On-campus housing is not available for married students or ­students with children.

Graduate Students   Limited graduate housing in shared and single rooms is available on campus. Students must complete a graduate housing profile form to be considered for on-campus housing.

Off-Campus Housing

Students seeking off-campus housing options can visit the Bard Housing Board at Unmoderated students, with the exception of incoming transfer students, are required to live on campus. Moderated students requesting to move off campus at midyear are not permitted to break the Facilities Use Agreement. Such students must meet with the director of housing and understand that if they choose to live off campus, they remain responsible for the financial obligations of on-campus housing fees. Students receiving financial aid should find out how moving off campus may affect their financial aid package

Policies and Regulations

The College expects each student to behave in a conscientious and responsible manner with due regard for the welfare and sensibilities of others. These expectations are elaborated in Bard’s Facilities Use Agreement and Student Handbook. For a complete listing of policies and regulations, consult the Student Handbook, under College Policies and Residence Life Policies, at