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Bard MBA in Sustainability presents

Sustainable Business Fridays: Reclaim Your World: Substituting Salvage fro Demolition 

Justin Green, Big Reuse

Friday, December 15, 2017

[Sustainable Business Fridays: Reclaim Your World: Substituting Salvage fro Demolition ]
Justin Green is the Co-founder and Director of Big Reuse. Justin has overseen Big Reuse’s development from its’ beginning in 2004, having managed the first two deconstruction projects for the Durst Organization that generated the materials required to launch Big Reuse. Justin also piloted and directed NYC Cool Roofs for its first two years.

Before Big Reuse, Justin worked at a non-profit addressing the housing and energy efficiency needs of low- and middle-income communities. While there, Justin assisted their efforts to establish a statewide loan fund for the installation of energy efficiency measures. He has also managed construction crews in residential development, worked as a Loan Associate with Low Income Investment Fund monitoring loans to non-profit housing developers, and designed for an educational dotcom. Justin received his BA with a double major in Economics and Community Development from Oberlin College.


Sustainable Business Fridays (SBF) is the first podcast of its kind bringing together students in Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability Program with leaders in business, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Twice monthly, these conversations go live via iTunes and Spotify. Past SBF featured guests have included top sustainability leaders from Unilever, HSBC, GM, Campbell’s Soup, PepsiCo, Green Mountain Energy and many more.

The Bard MBA in Sustainability is one of a select few graduate programs globally that fully integrates sustainability into a core business curriculum. In the Bard MBA every class is organized around one critical question: How can we build or transform our businesses so that they are in business to solve the pressing social and environmental problems of our time? Graduates of the Bard MBA are transforming existing companies, starting their own, and pioneering a new paradigm of doing business that meets human needs, protects and restores the Earth's systems, and treats all stakeholders with justice and respect. To learn more, visit www.bard.edu/mba.

Download: BardSBF_Fall2017.pdf

For more information, call 845-758-7900, e-mail Ke1970@bard.edu,
or visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bard-mba-sustainable-business/id1160841177.

Time: 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Location: Podcast