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Science and Sustainability
Science and Sustainability

Science and Sustainability

The Center for Civic Engagement and Bard engage students in significant efforts in science and sustainability. The Bard Center for Environmental Policy offers graduate study in environmental science and policy. The College's New York City based MBA program focuses on sustainable, socially responsible business. Bard CEP's Campus to Congress program involves students across the nation in conversations about climate solutions with elected officials. Citizen Science engages all Bard first-year students in intensive study of global science issues.

Citizen Science

The Citizen Science program introduces students to science and the scientific method, promoting science literacy through the theme of infectious disease. The course explores the importance of infectious disease in a community, and the impact that disease outbreaks can have on global society.

Environmental and Urban Studies Program

The Environmental and Urban Studies (EUS) major focuses on empirical studies that give students the skills to understand the connection between living and constructed systems. This approach capitalizes on transformations in the social and natural sciences, from systems theory to environmental toxicology. 

Bard Center for Environmental Policy

Bard CEP's graduates in environmental or climate policy will help rewire the world with clean energy, redesign cities across the earth, and re-imagine the global food system. Bard's CEP provides the rigorous academic training and extended real-world experience needed to start changing the world.

Bard MBA in Sustainability

The Bard MBA focuses on the business case for sustainability. We train students to see how firms can integrate economic, environmental, and social objectives, the triple bottom line, to create successful businesses that build a more sustainable world. 

Campus to Congress

Campus to Congress (C2C) is designed to multiply civic engagement, move U.S. policy forward, and accelerate the learning curve for students who must form a generation of leaders. C2C engages students at colleges and high schools around the country with leaders in Congress, corporate representatives, and city hall officials. 

Bard Office of Sustainability 

The mission of Bard Office of Sustainability (BOS) is to enhance the sustainability of the College in its operations, academics, and outreach, while making Bard carbon neutral by 2035.

Local Initiatives

10% Challenge Red Hook, N.Y.
The 10% Challenge is a call to reduce energy use in Red Hook, N.Y. by 10 percent over the next year and to motivate 10 percent of our citizens to become involved. 

Bard Biodiesel Cooperative
The Bard Biodiesel Cooperative was started as a Trustee Leader Scholar (TLS) project in order to raise awareness about biodiesel, as well as to produce it. The project is based on campus and is open to all Bard students and staff.