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Student Experiences 
Student Experiences 

Bard CCE Student Experiences

Students involved with the Center for Civic Engagement come from widely varied backgrounds. They are a high-achieving group with different academic interests and goals, and unique dreams. They have wide-ranging interests, are engaged, and want to make a difference in their communities and around the world. Here are some of their experiences.  

Lucy Flamm

Lucy Flamm is a history major with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies.

"Bard students are very driven. Everyone is passionate about something; you really see that when you engage in conversations with other students. People learn from each other because everyone is so open about what they’re interested in, and brave enough to challenge each other’s opinions and assertions. Being at Bard has challenged my notions of right and wrong. It’s challenged me to think about myself and my community, and about my place in the world."

Jack Lee

Jack Lee is a joint major in political studies and film, and plans to pursue a career in international broadcasting.

"I studied abroad over the summer in South Korea and really fell in love with Korean culture. I went with a few other Bard students through the Global Collaborative program at Kyung Hee University. We were there to form bonds with the Korean students and learn about each other’s culture. After a month of classroom learning, we participated in an internship program, which is funded by Civic Engagement here at Bard. I ended up working at Seoul Women’s Hotline on their fifth annual film festival for women’s rights. I got a lot of production and public relations experience there."

Corinna Cape

Corinna Cape is a joint Human Rights and Written Arts Major. 

"I decided first semester freshman year that I really wanted to do something with community engagement, so I started volunteering at the Astor Home for Children through TLS, just spending time with the kids one-on-one, doing art projects and being an older buddy. When it came time for me to start thinking about summer internships I decided to work with the Children's Defense Fund in Washington, D.C., and was able to do that with one of the Community Action Awards through the Center for Civic Engagement."

Mildred Kassai

Mildred Kassai plans to joint major in biology and chemistry.

"With my interest in health and medicine, I naturally I felt drawn to join Bard’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS). At EMS, we work with Bard Security to provide emergency medical care on campus. I can directly give back to the community. EMS not only gives me the opportunity to help the people around me but it also allows me to build up my patient–healthcare provider rapport, and skills that will be useful in my career." 

Stephen Wyssenksi

Stephen Wyssenski is moderating into the Psychology Program at Bard.  

"Students at Bard are really enthusiastic about social justice. Hearing about what people around me were doing, I felt like I should get involved. Last summer, I received a Community Action Award to work with kids in New York City to reduce police misconduct. I would go into neighborhoods, see a bunch of kids who had been in bad situations with the police, and tell them about their rights and about how to diffuse a situation. It felt like I was doing something important and meaningful."

Jonian Rafti

Jonian Rofti is a joint major in economics and history. 

“I came to Bard because I really wanted a different experience and different outlook...Bard’s focus on the liberal arts was definitely a deciding factor...The willingness of Bard students to give their time to things that they believe in really contributes to an atmosphere that’s supportive and engaged.”