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Student Opportunities
Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities

The Center for Civic Engagement plays a central role in assisting students in securing internships and providing other opportunities to learn and grow. CCE coordinates with numerous partners on campus, and an array of off-campus programs both stateside and abroad, featuring numerous internship opportunities. Additionally, CCE spearheads the Community Action Awards. These awards provide funding for more than 50 students annually who are pursuing pre-professional experience and community action projects that address issues related to the field of civic engagement. 


The Center for Civic Engagement offers a number of paths to secure an internship. On campus, we help arrange student internships through several offices, including the Career Development Office, the Dean of Studies,  Election@Bard, the Environmental and Urban Studies Program, and the Human Rights Project. In addition, Bard sponsors an array of off-campus programs, in the United States and abroad, including BGIA in New York City as well as study away internships.


Student Action & Youth Leadership Conference

In March 2017, the Bard/HESP Network and affiliated institutions gathered student leaders for a five-day conference at the Central European University in Budapest. Watch the video and click here to learn more about this year's conference.

Community Action Award Summer Internship Funding


Community Action Award applications are now available. The Bard Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) supports student efforts to engage with communities locally, nationally and internationally by providing funding to participate in internships and other forms of community engagement that address issues impacting people and communities around the world.
Each summer CCE provides awards to support student internships, pre-professional experiences, and community action projects. Internships address issue(s) related to the broad field of civic engagement, including education, government, justice, human rights, media, public policy, the arts and social entrepreneurship. Maximum award is $3,000. Students are expected to work at the internship site full-time for four to eight weeks.
Deadline: First round applications due ­Friday, March 31; second round applications due Friday, April 14.
Additional Requirements 
Award recipients are required to submit two blogs during the summer and participate in the CAA Engagement Series. Awards are only given to current Bard students in good standing who intend to return for at least one term after completing the internship. Awards are not designed to support tuition for academic programs for which students receive academic credit or certificates.
Online application
1. If I haven’t heard from an employer yet, or if I am still deciding where I will intern, can I apply?
Yes! Applicants can submit email confirmations or letters indicating that they are in the process of applying. If granted an award, an applicant must provide final confirmation from an employer before funding is released.  Awards may be dependent on internship sites. 
2. Can I apply for multiple sites?
Yes, you can. However, final confirmation from an employer must be submitted to release funding.  Only one application per student is necessary with a general overview outlining why the internship site(s) meet an applicant’s goals.  
3. How do I know if a site is appropriate?
Most students who receive funding are working at governmental, NGO, educational, or non-profit agencies and organizations. Individual projects are funded occasionally, but, for the most part, we reserve funding for students in onsite internships with an employer.
4. How can I find a site or an internship?
The CCE (civic@bard.edu) has contacts at a number of internship sites, along with the Career Development Office (cdo@bard.edu) and the Alumni/ae Affairs Office (alumni@bard.edu). In addition, we encourage you to research organizations in your field of interest.
If you find or already have an organization in mind, look to see if they have a formal application possible for internships. Idealist.org compiles internship listings as does CDO’s College Central database.
5. How are Community Action Award winners determined?
A committee comprised of faculty and staff from various departments across campus meet and review the applications.
6. Do I need to keep the CCE updated on my internship once I am a Community Action Award recipient?
Yes, we want to hear from you! All CAA recipients are required to write two blog posts for the CCE over the course of your internship and participate in the CAA Engagement Series upon your return to campus.  All interns are asked to submit a supervisor’s evaluation form within two weeks of the end of the internship. In addition, feel free to send us an occasional update to let us know how things are going; we love hearing about your amazing work.
7. I’m planning on doing an academic program over the summer for which I will receive academic credit—can I use the CAA to fund the tuition?
We do not provide CAA grants to be used for tuition prices or to cover costs of certificate programs.  And, we do not fund internship sites that require tuition for participation.
8. I won’t be returning to Bard after my internship—can I still apply?
No, sorry.  All CAA recipients must return to Bard for at least one semester after the planned internship.
9. I have other questions that aren’t answered here—is there someone I can ask?
Please feel free to e-mail the Center for Civic Engagement at civic@bard.edu with any additional questions.  CCE Fellows or Dean of Civic Engagement Erin Cannan can address additional questions. 

Bard Works

Bard Works is designed as a mentor-based, career-oriented professional development program for juniors and seniors to prepare them for work after Bard. Specifically, Bard Works will provide participants with the tools, strategies and networking opportunities to hone their job search skills, and prepare them for success in the workplace. More>>

Martin Luther King Day of Engagement

Every year, the First-Year class spend a day working with different non-profit and volunteer organizations in the Hudson Valley to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's legacy of promoting social justice, compassion and selfless contributions to one's community. More>

Volunteer Fairs 

The Center for Civic Engagement strives to connect students with area organizations in volunteer and internship opportunities that enhance the neighboring communities. The Volunteer Fairs provide students with a vast array of resources ranging from: Health Care Organizations, Education, Sustainability, Environmental Justice, Advocacy Groups and more to engage and strengthen their co-curricular experience.   If you would like to learn more, contact Brian Mateo.

Local History Internships

The Center for Civic Engagement is partnered throughout the Hudson Valley with multitude of public history sites that are eligible for Bard student local history internships. These sites span the history of the Hudson Valley, focusing on historical buildings, people, and practices. Public history internships range in activities: from art preservation to archive work,from social media promotion to landscape design, from sustainability work to child education and more. 

Youth Based Educational Programs

There are numerous Bard programs that work with local youth in surrounding communities including Dream to Achieve, Brothers at Bard, Gabbard, Building up Hudson, Germantown Tutoring Project and the Community Expressive Arts Project (CEAP.) All are run through the Trustee Leader Scholar Program (TLS.)

Crowd-Fund Your Project

Bard Launch is a microphilanthropy platform that supports Bard student-led initiatives. Bard Launch allows students to pursue positive change, both locally and globally, through crowdfunded projects.  Bard Launch projects raise funds, but more importantly, they build community around a common goal of improving lives and supporting the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Bard students engaged in the world around them.

Create Your Own Internship

Bard students are encouraged to pursue internships throughout their college careers. Students engage in local, national, and international internships, through formal programs or by creating their own opportunities. Have an idea for an internship?  Contact CCE Associate Director Erin Cannan at cannan@bard.edu.

Quotes from Interns about their experiences

“This summer I interned at the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. As a first generation American, my experiences at the ACLU definitely heightened my appreciation of the rights I enjoy as a citizen of this country. As a result, I am now considering law school so that I might ensure other people’s access to these rights.”
-Merlin Vinegradova, 2016

“This summer I started a science outreach summer camp with another Bard student. We worked at local libraries and made science fun and engaging for the 3rd to 5th graders we were working with. I learned how amazing teaching is and that I would love to get into education after graduating from Bard.”
-John English, 2016

“I interned at the NYC Department of Education-Division of Early Childhood in Mayor DeBlasio’s Universal Pre-K Initiative. I learned a lot about how social change policy works from the inside. This will allow me to think more dynamically when I am discussing change initiatives in the classroom and design/be more involved with extracurricular programs in our community.”
-Caroline Caufield, 2016

“I interned at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in Washington D.C. Policy research is a different genre from academic research, and the things I learned at CAP are like a bridge between academia, which is a world of its own, and what is out there. I thank CCE for enabling this connection and the change in perspective.”
-Myat Su San, 2015