A Sudden, Sharp, Hot Stink of Fox

CCS Bard Galleries, March 18 – April 15, 2012

Artists: Lygia Clark, Trisha Donnelly, Carolee Scheemann, and Rosemarie Trockel

“A Sudden, Sharp, Hot Stink of Fox,” as a phrase, is likely to conjure the immediate potency of the animal. And yet, like the works in this show, the original line was penned as a synthesis of thought and sense. It is after all, an excerpt from Ted Hughes’ “The Thought-Fox,” a poem in which the animal doubles as an unruly, stirring presence and an instant of striking cognizance. Perhaps more importantly “The Thought-Fox” is a poem about writing a poem… The “sudden sharp hot stink of fox” marks the instant that impressions coalesce and the author brings the text into being.

Curated by Alicia Ritson


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