Cold Castle at Family Business

February 21, 2013 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Family Business Gallery - 520 West 21st Street, NYC

Presented by Honey Space
at Family Business
520 W. 21st St., NYC 10011
February 21- March 9, 2013
Curated by Thomas Beale and Tora Lopez
A 24 hour, 17-day, small-scale life installation performance experience.

An unlikely thing happened recently at the corner of 21st street and 11th avenue. An artist community- a once common sight in Manhattan; today, increasingly rare- made an unexpected and vivid appearance. From 2006 until 2012, in the midst of the polished, professional Chelsea gallery ecosystem, artists, incongruously, established themselves. The real estate climate that has made New York City ever more forbidding terrain for their kind, paradoxically, shaped the opportunity: the four-story, 40,000 sq. ft. building at the center of this story was slated for demolition, and Alf Naman, the building owner, generously offered the space in the interim to artists, supporting and collaborating with them to create an unlikely habitation, a thriving creative community. They built studios, anachronistically large communal dining and living areas, galleries and an improbable “no-profit” exhibition space.  An extended family grew around the building, infamous dinner parties were held, unsuspecting Chelsea visitors would sometimes wander into the kitchen – “is this an installation?” – and eventually, as with all things, the moment passed.

In September 2012, the artists of what came to be known as Cold Castle moved out, as plans were finally in place to move development forward. The keel of this corner of New York would at last right itself to the times.

From February 21 through March 9, the family of Cold Castle will retake residence on 21st street, telegraphing the experience of the life they lived in their 40,000 sq. ft. castle to the 120 sq. ft. jewelbox of Family Business. While the original Cold Castle is in the very process of demolition, they will recreate in its shadow the dynamic life they lived-living in the gallery at all hours, making art, cooking, communing, hosting events and dinner parties, all amidst the original elements and materials of Cold Castle.

Taking the historical construct of the diorama as point of departure, the exhibition will present for consideration the very life of the arts- the friendships, struggles, moments of hilarity, spontaneities and mutual support that make up and make strong a creative community. The exhibition will be open to the public-you can talk to, admire the work of, eat with, and/or feed the artists-and limited seats will be available at select dinner parties that extend onto 21st street.

In addition to the dinners and daily studio experience of the exhibition, a series of special performances, a symposium on artist communities, and other unique events are planned throughout the exhibition. Announcements will be made and updated at

Presentations and performances will be elaborated on throughout the course of the exhibition.
Please check back for updated schedule information– we are planning many special treats. 

Limited seats are available for dinner parties, RSVP is essential

Week One: The Preparation of Sauces Requires A Great Deal of Care

Thursday 21    
• opening reception + Potluck 6pm-9pm

• ceremony by Daphane Park 6pm When I first moved into Cold Castle it was still literally very cold and there were only a few artists working there at the time. John Wells was the first to greet me. He brought a bundle of sage and began a smudging my new headquarters. I was thinking ‘this man speaks my language’ and he immediately won my affection. Burning sage or other specific herbs and resin can clear dense, stagnant energy and lift the energy of the environment and the bodies within that space. It can be used as a ceremony to mark a new beginning or celebration or when one simply needs to cleanse, shift or lighten the energy of a space or ones personal energetic field.          

Friday 22
• dinner party by Mercedes Nugent-Head menu: lemon and olive chicken tagine like the good old times. dessert: pear tarts

Saturday 23
• presentation by Roz Morris 7-9pm
Sunday 24             
• brunch by Kate Beale + Douglas Maguire 12p                   

Monday 25

• tea party 
dinner party TBA          

Tuesday 26
dinner party – details TBA    

Wednesday 27
• Freak Flag– a laboratory in nomadic graffiti for everyone 12:30pm
• dinner party – details TBA

Thursday 28
• a repositioning of the retrospective by Sophie Bréchu-West


Friday 1 
• tea party 3pm 
• dinner party – details TBA

Saturday 2             
• Softing
 with Tora Lopez 12-7pm
• dinner party by Andrea Hazen + Valérie Cueto            

Sunday 3
• casual brunch – details TBA 
• film screening and Q&A The Naked Trace 4pm by Patrick Morell, 2009-10 Golden Rabbit Films, NYC, 57 min. Mark Wiener (1951-2012) comments about his technique and organic gesture – throwing, dripping and pouring paint – to reconcile figurative and abstract painting in an urban context where the traces and marks of the city play the first role.
• reception potluck to follow

Monday 4
 Face It: Your Face Is Famous– work on your photogenesism with Cold Castle12:30pm
• Office occupied by Renaud Vuaillat and Annika Adelmann
• dinner party by MONK

Tuesday 5
• Glamorous Hippy Luncheon by Daphane Park + Tora Lopez 1:30pm– underwritten by our beloved supreme benefactress Kirsha Kaechele 
“Protective Camouflage Used by Faeries is Generally Termed “Glamour” and is Often Designed to Deceive Mortals into Believing that They are Dealing with Their Own Kind”– Brian Froud and Alan Lee
coffee ceremony by Daphane Park live music by Raquel Bell 3pm
• Freak Flag– a laboratory in nomadic graffit for everyone 4pm
• Tarot and Tea with Angela Rogers 6pm
• dinner party by Clara Gialdi menu: squash and rosemary lasagna. dessert: tiramisu

Wednesday 6
a repositioning of the retrospective by Valérie Cueto opening 6pm 
• an interactive photobooth installation by Benjamin Heller 12-6pm    
• dinner party – details TBA    

Thursday 7            
• sage baths for the passerby
 by Daphane Park 3pm           
• libations by Susan Magnus 4-6pm
• dinner party by Midori Harima gyoza and beer     

Friday 8                  
• Playtime: a performative pedagogical symposium on New York artist communities today
The Flux FactoryThe Intercourse, The Madagascar Institute, chashamaThe Wassaic ProjectThe School of Making Thinking, cycleX
and CHERYL punctuates the event with a glitter meldown intervention 
pre- and post-reception hosted at Family Buisness 6pm
symposium hosted at Eyebeam
 and inquiries

Saturday 9             
• Softing
 with Lisa Lozano 12-6pm
• an interactive photobooth installation by Benjamin Heller 12-6pm       
closing reception 6pm 
• Florilegium by John Wells 8pm, a sonic piece in the medieval tradition inspired by the Latin flo(flower) and legere (to gather), premiered January 2013 at the Gladdening Light Symposium in Winter Park, Florida. Accompaniment by Claudia Ramirez
• an all-night Colombian Rave Party by Lena Viddo 10pm 

• Press Release

Cold Castle  is
John Wells Our Resident Bishop   
Mark Wiener– (1951-2012) studied under Bauhaus influences at Philadelphia College of Art, where he focused on painting and photography. A beloved and prominent figure in New York’s fine art community, from 2009-2012 he kept his studio at 551 West 21st open to the public, meeting hundreds of visitors with whom he shared inspiration and ideas about several series of painting created there, drawing on the urban landscape as source material. 
Linda DiGusta– Artist and writer Linda DiGusta’s exploration of pears and other fruits as the subjects of her work has been ongoing since 2006. Her “retired” models were left outside the studio she shared with her late partner, Mark Wiener, for the enjoyment of their “Cold Castle” neighbors. Her works on paper will be on view with A Band Apart/Gallery 22 at Fountain Art Fair 2013 in NY, March 8-10.
Mercedes Nugent-Head– I am a French native artist who mostly paints the figure on medium size canvases but also like to work on paper or mylar. 
Midori Harima– born in Japan and received her BA in print making from Joshibi University of Fine Art in Kanagawa, Japan. She has exhibited her work in multiple galleries and museums in the U.S. , Europe and Japan. Harima currently lives and works in New York.
Annysa Ng– born in Hong Kong. She studied at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenen Künste in Germany and School of Visual Arts in New York. Ng’s works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and was collected by Deutsche Bank, Stuttgart City Library, and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. In 2008, she was named one of the Ten Talents to Watch in London Times. 
Daphane Park painter, sculptural installation artist, and creator of collaborative performance art dealing with energy and healing ritual; an expression of unifying opposites such as science/spirituality, human/non-human, male/female, micro/macro, idealism/realism, and utopic/distopic, especially in relation to the multiplicity of the forms of nature.
Roz Morris Fine art, formed and transmuted into fashion  
Maureen Dougherty– Painter/film producer recent film premiered at Sun Dance Film Festical. Currently working on series of drawings in studio concerning space displacing space! 
Susan Magnus– Creates installations, sculptures, drawings, and photo-based projects that explore symbolic aspects of material culture.  She is the recipient of a Visual Arts Award from the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation as well as a Regional Fellowship from the Western States Arts Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Her works are in numerous public and private collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the University of California Berkeley Art Museum, the Oakland Museum of California, the Microsoft Corporation, and the Oracle Corporation.
Lina Bertucci– is a New York based visual artist working in photography, film and video.  Currently showing at The New Museum; “NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star” exhibition is her famous photographic artist series from 1993– including Matthew Barney, John Currin, Maurizio Cattelan, Rudolph Stingel, among others.  Her work investigates human cultures and social landscape through ethnographic practices. Bertucci is widely shown and collected. 
Katherine Blackburne– First and foremost a painter, also a textile artist and hoopdance performer. My current paintings strive to examine the intimate commonalities of our personal histories. If there is one unifying element to my work thus far it would have to be ‘the gaze’, in all its forms.
Benjamin Heller a cross disciplinary artist and photographer that creates structures and immersive environments that incite participatory and performative experience. Blurring the traditional boundaries of sculpture, photography, dance, and physical improvisation, his works are rooted in the movement of the body and the creation of intimate places that can be entered, opening a space for discovery via the body, senses and the imagination.
Sophie Bréchu-West– 571 Projects opened its doors in 2009 at Cold Castle, and seeks to bridge the gap between dynamic emerging & mid-career artists and engaged collectors, both those beginning to collect and those looking for fresh talent. To support the work of significant artists, we provide a forum through tightly curated, solo exhibitions that showcase a single body of work.  Sophie Bréchu-West is the director and founder.
Lena Viddo– Painter, creates vivid images and scenes blending themes of pop culture and the natural world into visual trippy allegories led by a central narrative which is often whimsical yet unsettling. A multi-media artist of Swedish-Colombian descent she is classically trained and studied painting in Florence at the Polimoda, and in New York City at The Art Students League, F.I.T. , Parsons School of Design and New York Academy of Art. Viddo currently lives and works between two studios; New York City and rural Vermont, straddling the two opposite worlds for over 20 years.
Matilde Alessandra
Carol Schaefe– fine art photographer and author. Her images have been have been used for the cover of her first book, The Other Mother, and featured in her fourth book, Grandmothers Counsel the World, as well as in newspapers and magazines. 
Arturo Toulinov– is a Russian born fine art photographer, working with black and white film, whose two primary bodies of work explore the beauty in death and the icons of his youth. His work has been shown in galleries in New York City and in Europe, and is part of the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art. 
Claudia Ramirez is an NYC based creative. Classically trained in piano and clarinet, music has been a lifelong passion of hers. She is constantly exploring new styles and began composing original sheet music in 2011. 
Andrew Poneros (PORK)– Born in Queens 1978. Poneros aka PORK got his creative start writing graffiti. Over time his work evolved along with his symbolism, taking inspiration from his Greek heritage and creating his own mythology. His medium has also evolved, as he now mainly works on creating objects of light.
Amy C. Storey– is an abstract painter living and working in New York City.  Her paintings are large-scale works in gouache on paper, which have been exhibited internationally. Her most recent solo exhibition took place in 2011:  Paintings From The Ghost Flowers, presented by the Durst Organization and curated by Kathleen Cullen, in the Conde Nast Building, 4 Times Square, New York, NY. 
Tora Lopez 
Sculptor and performance artist. She first met Cold Castle in 2010 through a project with the Life is Art Foundation. Recent exhibitions include Pulse Art Fair, Honey Space and the Museum of Old and New Art (Tasmania, AU). She had the building’s smallest studio and it was crammed with joy. 
Thomas Beale
 Sculptor and founder of Honey Space.    
Annika Adelmann, Clara Gialdi, Donnchadh Malone, Dustin Aksland, Elizabeth Kabler, Graham Gillmore, iona rozeal brown, James Kennedy, Julie Keys, Lollipoppit, Luis Renaldo, Nathan Perkel, Nikki Hotvedt, Nils Folke Anderson, Phillip Estlund, Phillip Low, Renaud Vuaillat, Robert Molnar, Savannah Barrett, Susan Magnus, Ujin Lee, Vadis Turner and  Valérie Cueto 
Alf Naman– 
our grand patron

…and many more!


Family Business is a collaboration between CCS Bard, artist Maurizio Cattelan, and curator Massimiliano Gioni.

Family Business is made possible with support from, Dakis Joannou, Antonella Rodriguez, and David Teiger.

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