Industrial Evolution Kris Perry & Friends at Family Business

September 6, 2012 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Family Business Gallery - 520 West 21st Street, NYC

Family Business presents Industrial Evolution Kris Perry & Friends.

(Elise McMahon, Bill Stone, Brian Dewan, Peter Nadin, Vanessa Haroutunian)
Exhibition on view from September 6 till September 29, 2012
Presented by Linda Yablonsky
Concerts on the hour, September 7, 13 and 29, 6-8pm
Chris Turco, Ben Fundis, Brian Dewan, John Rosenthal, Elvis Perkins, Tommy Stinson


Family Business is a collaboration between CCS Bard, artist Maurizio Cattelan, and curator Massimiliano Gioni.

Family Business is made possible with support from, Dakis Joannou, Antonella Rodriguez, and David Teiger.

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