Speakers Series : Roger Buergel

February 18, 2013 from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
CCS Bard, Seminar Room 1

Freud’s Desktop (as it had been photographed by Lidwien van de Ven)

Objects circulate both within the psyche and outside, in the world. Some objects can be touched and named, they tend to behave well within any given order of knowledge, while others remain ephemeral, change their Gestalt, or even leave the scene for good. A collection exists that displays both kinds of objects side by side: Freud’s desktop in Hampstead, London. With the master of the narrative gone, we are left with a proposition of how to fathom the true enigma—the triangle of cult, coloniality, and modernity.

RM Buergel, born 1962 in West-Berlin, is a writer, university teacher and organizes exhibitions, most recently “garden of learning”/Busan Biennale 2012 (South Korea). Buergel had been the Artistic Director of documenta 12 (2007). He currently serves as the Founding Director of the Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich (Switzerland), a transdisciplinary institution devoted to researching global trade routes.

About The Speakers Series:  Each semester the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College hosts a regular program of lectures by the foremost artists, curators, art historians, and critics of our day, situating the school and museum’s concerns within the larger context of contemporary art production and discourse. Lectures are open to students and faculty, as well as to the general public, and will also be documented through video and/or audio recordings, which will reside in the CCS Bard Library and Archives.


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