The Visitor Talks – Dialogues: CCS Bard & Judd Foundation at 101 Spring Street

October 24, 2014 from 10:30 am - 1:00 pm
Judd Foundation - 101 Spring Street, NYC

Out of Writing: Evocation, Action, Territorialization

“Very little is left in any period with the original intentions evident. I’m trying to do this.” – Donald Judd

Incorporating performances, readings, and discussion from Liz Magic Laser, Brandon Labelle, and Ho Rui An, Out of Writing: Evocation, Action, Territorialization interrogates ways in which the written act appears and operates within contemporary art practices, and reflects the strategies, methods, and operations that reflect and contend with the perspectives and practices held by Donald Judd. The event will examine how art and writing institute a notion of territorial place–making, permanence, and action, as it explores writing as an extension of an artistic practice, as well as an element of practice itself. Moderation that incorporates references from Judd’s writings and accompanying analysis and application will support the event.


Liz Magic Laser (New York, NY) is an artist whose performances and videos intervene in semi–public spaces and have involved interdisciplinary collaborations. Her recent work appropriates the dominant performance techniques and psychological strategies used by the media and politicians to sway public opinion.

Brandon Labelle (Bergen, Norway and Berlin, Germany) is an artist, writer, active lecturer and theorist. His artistic work explores questions of social life and cultural narratives, using sound, performance, text, and sited constructions. This results in forms of intervention in public spaces, acts of translation and archiving, as well as micro–actions aimed at the sphere of the (un)common.

Ho Rui An (Singapore and New York, NY) is an artist and writer working in the intersections of contemporary art, cinema, performance and theory. In a practice that attends to the problems of visuality, he writes, talks and thinks around images, investigating their sites of emergence, transmission and disappearance.

Out of Writing: Evocation, Action, Territorialization is organized and moderated by CCS Bard students from the class of 2015: Roxana Fabius, Elizabeth Larison, Robin Lynch, and Wang Jing.

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For more information see the webpage : The Visitor Talks – Dialogues: CCS Bard & Judd Foundation at 101 Spring Street


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