The Visitor Talks: IRWIN & the Museum of American Art, Berlin

September 29, 2014 from 4:45 pm - 7:00 pm
CCS Bard Seminar Room 1

IRWIN (Borut Vogelnik) & the Museum of American Art, Berlin (Technical Assistant)

Borut Vogelnik, born 1958 is an artist based in Ljubljana. He is co-founder of artists group Irwin and of the art collective Neue Slovenische Kunst. He is also an assistant professor at Academy for visual art in Ljubljana. The Irwin group was founded in Ljubljana in 1983 and consists of Dušan Mandić, born 1954; Miran Mohar, born 1958; Andrej Savski, born 1961; Roman Uranjek, born 1961; and Borut Vogelnik 1959. Irwin , along with music group Laibach, and the performance group Gledališče Sester Scipion Nasice, comprises one of the core groups within the artists’ collective Neue Slowenische Kunst ( NSK), established in 1984 in the Slovenian republic of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. At the beginning of the 1990s the artistic collective NSK transformed from an organisation to a State in Time, in the framework of which Irwin played the role of protagonist as well as cronologist by analysing and recording the processes which had started in Europe after the fall of socialism. In the project East Art Map they created, together with collaborators, a history of contemporaty art in Eastern Europe.

Technical Assistant of the Museum of American Art, Berlin
Museum of American Art (since 2004), is an educational institution primarily dedicated to assembling, preserving and exhibiting memories of the early Museum of Modern Art and its circulating exhibitions of American art that traveled Europe during the 1950s. Those exhibitions that helped establish the first post-war common European cultural identity based on modernism, internationalism and individualism. In addition to its permanent installation at Stalinallee 91, the museum holds several collections presented at various temporary exhibitions.

This talk is given as part of the lecture series The Visitor Talks – Dialogues : Similarly Different or More of the Same.


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