The Visitor Talks – The Technical Assistant of the Museum of American Art in Berlin

December 7, 2016 from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
CCS Bard, Classroom 102

The Museum of American Art in Berlin  is an educational institution dedicated to assembling, preserving, and exhibiting memories on the MoMA International Program and its Circulating Exhibitions. It is those MoMA exhibitions, some of them curated by Dorothy Miller, that helped establishing throughout western Europe the first post-war common cultural identity based on internationalism, modernism, and individualism. 
Museum has also on display the “Museum of Modern Art” as an American invention defined 1936
by Alfred Barr, Jr. through his historical exhibitions: “Cubism and Abstract Art” and  “Fantastic Art, DADA, Surrealism”.
 In addition to its permanent exhibits located at Stalinallee 91 in Berlin since 2004, museum holds several collections that have been show at various exhibitions:

-“MoMA” Venice Biennale, 2003
- “MoMA and Americans”, Galerie 35, Berlin 2004 
-“MoMA and Americans”, Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden 2004
-“ Americans 64”  Venice Biennial (Arsenale), Venice 2005

-“Savremena  umetnost u SAD”, Muzej savremene umetnosti, Belgrade 2006  
-“Savremena americka umetnost”, SKC Gallery, Belgrade  2006
-“What is Modern Art?” Kunsthus Bethanien, Berlin 2006

-”Savremena americak umetnost”, Galerija Nova, Zagreb 2007
-“50 ans d’Art aux Etats-Unis”, Lyon Biennial, Lyon 2007
-“Sites of Modernity”, Oberwelt Gallery, Stuttgart 2008
-“Kabinett der Abstrakten”, Halle fur Kunst, Lunneburg 2009
-“Savremena uetnost u SAD”, Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul 2009
-“Kabinett der Abstrakten”, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 2009
-“Sites of Modernity”, Van Abbemusum, Eindhoven 2010
-“The New American Painting” Museo Tamayo, Mexico City 2010
-“Exhibitions”, xero, kline&coma Gallery, London 2011
-“The Making of Americans”,CUNY Graduate Center Gallery, New York 2011

-”Museum of Modern Art”, Times Museum, Guangzhou 2011
 -“50 ans d’Art aux Etats-Unis”, Arnolfini, Bristol 2011
-”Le Fleurs Americaines”, Le Plateau, Paris 2012
-”Americans”, P420, Bologna 2013
-”A Story of Two Museums”, CUNY Graduate Center Gallery, New York 2014

-”Face to Face”, Garage Museum, Moscow 2015

-”The Modern Canon”, Museum of Contemporaary Art, Ljubjana 2016

-”15 Polish Painters”, Zacheta, Warsaw 2016

This talk is given as part of the lecture series : The Visitor Talks – We are the Center for Curatorial Studies : The Department of Events (The Discursive Core)


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