A staged reading featuring Mike Iveson and Kaneza Schaal

April 23, 2017 from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Classroom 102, CCS Bard

United States vs. The Living Theatre is a staged reading of a script comprised of original documents related to the Living Theatre’s federal criminal trial in the Spring of 1964. The script will be read by Mike Iveson and Kaneza Schaal.

In 1963 the Living Theatre, led by Judith Malina and Julian Beck, staged the controversial play The Brig, which depicted a brutal day in the life of prisoners in a US Marine Corps brig. Midway through the run of The Brig, the Internal Revenue Agency, citing tax evasion, seized and shut down the theatre, ending the production. The event sparked a series of protests and illicit performances by the Living Theatre that ended in arrest and a grand jury indictment. Malina and Beck were the primary defendants in the trial and insisted on conducting their own defense. This decision enabled them to transform the courtroom into a theatre in which they defended their innocence and poked fun at the legal process. Their performance before the law raised fundamental questions about activism, art, and censorship that continue to resonate today.

Admission is free but space is limited. First come, first served.

This event is part of the exhibition Whispers in the Grass: The Living Theatre and The Brig, curated by Anna Gallagher-Ross as part of the requirements for the master of arts degree at The Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College.


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