April 19, 2009 - May 24, 2009
CCS Bard Galleries

About the Object is the culmination of a year-long conversation and collaboration between artist Amy Patton and curator Christina Linden. This exhibition is an experiment with object arrangements as a form of essay writing.



Amy Patton works mostly in the media of film and video, but also uses performance and photography to examine shifting perspectives and changing relationships to voices of authority. The artist was born in 1979 in Nacogdoches, Texas, and completed her undergraduate degrees in Studio Art and Art History at UT Austin in 2000. In 2002 she moved to Berlin to complete her MFA in Experimental Media Design at the Universität der Künste. She finished this degree as a Meisterschülerin in 2006, working with Stan Douglas at the Institut for Time-based Media. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and screenings in Germany, the United States, Thailand, Australia, France, and Switzerland.

About the Object is curated by Christina Linden as part of the requirements for the master of arts degree in curatorial studies.

Student curated exhibitions at CCS Bard are made possible with support from the Rebecca and Martin Eisenberg Student Exhibition Fund; Mitzi and Warren Eisenberg; and the Patrons, Supporters, and Friends of the Center for Curatorial Studies. Special thanks to the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.



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