September 26, 1999 - December 17, 1999
CCS Bard Galleries

“Familiars” a collaborative exhibition by Kiki Smith and Margaret DeWys is based on a series of printed drawings by Smith entitled “The Familiars” and sound pieces by DeWys. The series depicts the vulnerable yet strong demeanor of girls on the edge of sexual maturity. Alongside the girls are images of cats, wolves, deer, and other animals, which appear, according to Smith “like witches and their consorts.” The second series of drawings in this exhibition are entitled “Ste. Genevieve” which is made up of nine elements. The “Ste. Genevieve” series represents a mature female figure interacting with wolves. In contrast to the younger girl this figure confronts the viewer with an open, confident gaze and approach.
The sound component of the work is designed to function in a synesthetic relationship to Kiki’s visual images and to the architectural space of the drawings. They are based on visual clues in the drawings and are triggered by the motion of the viewer passing in front of the drawing. There is also a continuous projection of Peter Hutton’s black and white file “In Titan’s Goblet”, which is a dreamy portrayal of the clouds at night with a haunting, echoing soundtrack by De Wys.


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