Graduate Thesis Exhibitions: Group 2

April 8, 2001 - April 22, 2001
CCS Bard Galleries

The Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College will present the second of this spring’s series of thesis exhibitions. Graduate students Carina Plath, Dermis P. Le?, and Allison Peters are the curators of the exhibitions.

image a new, curated by Carina Plath, reconsiders the situation of the image in the arts today. The emergence of digital technology has reopened a discussion of the image as a medium of representation. The artists in the exhibition-Ola Billgren, Arthur Jafa, Platino, Blake Rayne and J?g Sasse-working in painting, photography, and video, with motifs and scenes drawn from an everyday environment, insist on the continued relevance of the visual image as an integral part of our reality.

Re:locations, curated by Dermis P. Le?, presents works by Manuel Acevedo, Andrea Geyer, and Jana Leo that translate domestic environments into the gallery. Analyzing behavioral patterns or reinterpreting existing spaces, the works investigate the ways in which social class, identity, and gender appear in architecture and interior design.

In FLESH & FLUID, curated by Allison Peters, ambiguously organic forms seduce and engage the viewer. Photographs by Aziz + Cucher, sculptures by Cathy de Monchaux and Valeska Soares, and an installation by Charo Garaigorta generate a surreal realm where the human body is evoked in fragments that never become entirely identifiable.


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