Spring Thesis Exhibitions

March 19, 2000 - April 16, 2000
CCS Bard Galleries

Looking Back, curated by Lisa Hatchadoorian
Paintings and photographs by Jeannette Christensen, Julie Heffernan, Matts Leiderstam, and Cindy Sherman paraphrase old master paintings to investigate stereotypes and assumptions in portraiture.

Unraveling Desire, curated by Gregory Sandoval
The works explore the interests that artists Richard Hawkins and Karen Kilimnik have in popular icons. Producing seemingly personal “takes” on the famous and beautiful, the artists suggest that their individual fascination is not unlike the public’s collective understanding of media subjects.

Sightings, curated by Jeffrey Walkowiak
Sculpture, photographs, and a video by Tom Burr, D-L Alvarez, Dean Sameshima, and Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset that reveals the specialized languages of the different locations where anonymous sex occurs and contemporary art is exhibited. 

Superflex in company–economic potentials, curated by Teresa Williams
Visual presentations and public discussions continue an interdisciplinary collaboration between Superflex and Bard College students.


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