July 13, 1996 - September 19, 1996
CCS Bard Galleries

“Untitled” was an exhibition of single-channel video performances, photography, paintings, and sculptures by Vanessa Beecroft, Oliver Herring, Y.Z. Kami, Mariko Mori, Maciej Toporowicz, and Ricardo Zulueta. The works in “Untitled” were visually diverse, in different media, and had different concerns. However, they all welcome and induce self-reflection, a consquence of the use of the artist=s own image, body, and presence, or of his or her surrogate, in the context of an object of desire. As a result, the works in AUntitled were at the same time seductive and enigmatic. 

3 x 3 from Hungary
This exhibition of three generations of Hungarian avant-garde art, spanned the last four decades, from the grand master of abstract painting Tamás Lossonczy, to the youngest generation of 1990s neo-conceptual artists. A3 x 3 from Hungary surveyed the impulse of modernism and the resistance to it . The artists in the exhibition are Imre Bak, Attila CsorgÅ, Orshi Drozdik, Róza El-Hassan, Eva Köves, Tamás Lossonczy, László Mulasics, István Nádler, and Tamás Trombitas. “3 x 3 from Hungary” was organized by Katalin Neray, the director of the Ludwig Museum, Budapest. 

Boris Mikhailov
This exhibition of the art of Ukrainian photographer Boris Mikhailov included his recent series of works: U Zemli, Sumerki, and Salt Lake as well as other works. U Zemli (from the ground) and Sumerki (twilight) examined the socioeconomic difficulties of life in post-Soviet Ukraine in a brutally frank, almost documentary manner. Shot with a panoramic camera from waist level, and installed as a long frieze well below eye level, the work evokes a sense not only of a bowing in reverence but of a crushing weight from above.


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