Katja Novitskova and Timur Si-Qin

CCS Bard Galleries, April 29 – May 27, 2012

In 2009, when discussing the current function and potentials for contemporary art criticism, theorist Diedrich Diederichsen argued for the voice of “emergent people,” the voice of those who have recently arrived “in an already finished world of objects.” Such a world is founded on distinctions between images, signs, and the real, a world in which nature and technology belong to separate realms. As “emergent” subjects, artists Katja Novitskova and Timur Si-Qin pursue their own desires in order to formulate a new notion of art — a notion that fundamentally rejects the separation between art and reality, and instead argues for an evolutionary ontology that charts structural tendencies, patterns, and flows across disparate domains. 

At the curator’s invitation, Novitskova and Si-Qin present their work together for the first time. Grounded in dialogue, their images, objects, and essays elucidate a new relationship to art, one in which information merges into matter, the biological merges with the cultural, and local specificity blends into the planetary.

Curated by Agatha Wara

Artist Biographies

Katja Novitskova (b. 1984) is an artist and curator born in Tallin, Estonia and currently based in Amsterdam. In her project “Post Internet Survival Guide” (2010), Novitskova and her collaborators collectively gathered images and texts from the Internet to create a book that does not lament the powerless state of the image but rather attempts to “interpret and index this ocean of signs” in order to present us with strategies of “survival.” From 2008–2010 she studied at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam in the Graphic Design department. Recent exhibitions and curatorial initiatives include: (group exhibition) Mawu-Lisa, New Gallery London, London, UK; (group exhibition) Oggetto Soggetto, Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Madrid, Spain; (curated project) Post Internet Survival Guide, Future Gallery and Gentili Apri, Berlin; and (curated exhibition) TruEYE surView, W139, Amsterdam.

Timur Si-Qin (b. 1984) is an artist based in Berlin. In a recent work entitled “Custom Interior”(2011), Si-Qin repositions the way we perceive the products of commercial culture by way of genetic and memetic relations between the body and consumer products. Through his artworks and writings Si-Qin suggests that ergonomic products signify the transition from the genetic to the economic. In 2010 Si-Qin participated as the artist-in-residence at Program in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include: (solo exhibition) Mainstream, Société, Berlin, Germany; (solo show) Legend, Fluxia, Milan, Italy; (solo exhibition) 爷爷: Aspects of the universe search and sorting computer, MaxHansDaniel, Berlin, Germany; (group exhibition) POLYGONAL, Museum of Contemporary Art, Michoacan, Mexico; and (group exhibition) Chrystal Gallery Exhibition 1, Gentili Apri, Berlin, Germany. 


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