Ana Paula Cohen

Ana Paula Cohen (São Paulo, 1975) is an independent curator, editor and writer. She was the adjunct curator of the 28th Bienal de São Paulo – “In living contact” (Oct-Dez 2008), and the co-editor of the publications related to the project. Cohen has co-curated the project Encuentro Internacional de Medellín 07 (Jan-June 2007, Medellín, Colombia), in which she created, in collaboration with other artists and curators, a new center for contemporary art – La Casa del Encuentro. Within the framework of the Encuentro, she curated an exhibition on Cildo Meireles’ work, at the Museo de Antioquia. Since 2006, she has initiated and is part of the editorial team for the newsletter of Mabe Bethonico’s project museumuseu. In 2005, she curated the show “Subversiones diarias,” invited by the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, MALBA. Since 2004, she co-founded and has been the curator of the project istmo – flexible archive, in São Paulo, built in collaboration with artists such as Erick Beltrán, Mabe Bethônico, and Angela Detânico & Rafael Lain. Ana Paula has been a contributor to several art magazines, such as FriezeArtNexus and Exit Express, and has written to many art publications, concerning the work of artists such as Goldin & Senneby, Javier Penãfiel, Rosangela Rennó and Oscar Muñoz, and Cildo Meireles. Cohen has organized many conferences and series of talks, from which the most recent is “History as a flexible matter: artistic practices and new systems of reading” (Nov 2008). Cohen’s residency was made possible through a generous grant from the Diane and Bruce T. Halle Family Foundation.