Faculty and Graduate Committee

The faculty of the graduate program includes curators and other arts professionals, scholars in the humanities and social sciences, critics, and artists. Most faculty members are working professionals.

The Center’s Graduate Committee, made up of core faculty and key figures in the field, are also deeply involved in teaching and advising graduate students throughout the two-year program.  The Graduate Committee comes together as a group several times per year to critique and approve students’ masters projects, as well as interview potential candidates for admission to the program. The following includes faculty and Graduate Committee members in 2016-2017.

Paul O’Neill, Director of the Graduate Program, Graduate Committee

Jeannine Tang

Jeannine Tang, Senior Academic Advisor, LUMA Foundation Fellow, Graduate Committee

Tom Eccles, Executive Director, Graduate Committee


Marcia Acita, Faculty


Ann Butler, Faculty and Graduate Committee

Evan Calder Williams, Faculty

Evan Calder Williams, Faculty

Lauren Cornell

Lauren Cornell, Graduate Committee


Christoph Cox, Graduate Committee


Lia Gangitano, Faculty and Graduate Committee

Liam Gillick

Liam Gillick, Graduate Committee

Ed Halter, Faculty

Chrissie Iles

Chrissie Iles, Graduate Committee

Alhena Katsoff, Faculty

Alhena Katsof, Faculty


Tom Keenan, Faculty

Alex Kitnick, Faculty

Alex Kitnick, The Brant Foundation Fellow in Contemporary Arts

Prem Krishnamurthy, Faculty

Suddhabrata Sengupta, Keith Haring Fellow, 2015-2016

Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Keith Haring Fellow, 2015-2016