Point of Contact

March 29 – May 2, 2015

Artists: Gordon Hall, Martin Roth, Naama Tsabar, and Pedro Wirz

Point of Contact sets a performative field that invites encounters between objects and bodies. Expanding from minimalist concerns with surface, scale, presence, and materiality, the works presented here introduce the visitor to unexpected rhythms of doing, thinking, and feeling. The objects are considered in their capacities to trigger events, revise models of engagement, and alter the conditions in which we live.  

Works by Gordon Hall, Martin Roth, Naama Tsabar, and Pedro Wirz, suggest coordinates and positions that summon uncustomary ways of acting. Inspired by both the rave party and the research lab, this exhibition studies variables with an ethos of exuberance. The exhibition as choreography unfolds an open process of associations and dissociations. The works function as elements in an assemblage, a succession of moments that search to amplify ecological and emotional parameters. The objects act as catalysts for research and for connectivity, not only provoking desires and memories, but evoking the work of the imagination and its capacity for action. The exhibition cultivates a ‘zone of proximity’ where people and things intimately encounter one another. Through proximity, an event is generated, going beyond the determined forms of the people and things in play. As event, the dynamic qualities of performativity overshadow static formations of the self. Small moments of indeterminacy are developed and act as test grounds, generating different ways of participating in and relating to the world through our actions.

Curated by Xavi Acarin


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