Snake Lakeside

Your attempt to adapt to the new chemical and biological realities of the Great Lakes runs up against the chaos of forced migration – the round goby, while delicious and increasingly plentiful, turns out to be an incredibly efficient collector of the PCBs which wash into the lake via the stream running through your new culvert. Recent studies by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department and Northern Michigan University claim that over-reliance on the goby as a food source does not lead to increased PCB levels in your cousins, the Lake Erie Water Snakes, but they live exclusively on islands near the Canadian border. Instead, these studies give the goby explosion partial credit for a resurgence in that branch of your family. On the other hand, no scientists have come to check your PCB levels, and every year the water seems warmer and more algae-choked on your part of the western shore...

Do you...

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