You are an American Badger!

Badger Badger Org

Like other badgers, you live in a long burrow you scratched out yourself with your long sharp claws. Your burrow is in a semi-open field near Lake Erie, on the banks of the Raisin River. Many other animals live nearby; you sustain yourself by burrowing into their nests and eating their babies. Your own personal meal of choice consists of the otter babies who live in tunnels in the soft sandy soil on the banks of the Raisin River, which flows through 150 miles of Michigan towns and agricultural land before draining into Lake Erie. Unfortunately, your food supply is being poisoned by a high level of toxic pollutants—mostly phosphorous from agricultural runoff, but also sewage from the many towns through which the river flows. Your situation is becoming desperate, and you must make a choice. Do you:

Stay in your burrow and try to make the best of thingsJoin an environmental advocacy groupGet a human job as a real estate broker in the thriving market for lakeside investment properties


About the Red Hook Journal

Tirdad Zolghadr

Red Hook Journal addresses a wide range of issues, but it is ultimately driven by key preoccupations of CCS Bard, its host institution: What are distinctive features inherent to the curating of contemporary art? Are there terminologies, exhibition histories, political stakes, and professional mythologies that set curators apart? Red Hook Journal subscribes to the working assumption that this is indeed the case, and further, that curatorial conventions and prerogatives need to be rendered more tangible and contestable, rather than ever more diffident and hazy. That said, the journal occasionally offers a platform to dissenting opinions.

Editor-in-chief: Tirdad Zolghadr
Assistant Editor: Karly Wildenhaus
Coordinator: Jaime Baird