Ag Runoff Badger
As the breeding seasons come and go, you notice that you are having fewer and fewer offspring. At first this is OK, given the fact that you are able to find fewer and fewer baby otters, weasels, and unhatched snake eggs to feed your dwindling family. You suspect that this has something to do with the ever-increasing PCB levels in the agricultural runoff that soaks your tiny meadow every time it rains. Inaction is not an option, but all the choices seem equally dreadful . . .

Embrace the problem-solving potential of the democratic process In desperation, resolve to move your family north, over the Canadian borderDig your burrow deeper into the sandy soil, and travel farther in search of uncontaminated otter babies


About the Red Hook Journal

Tirdad Zolghadr

Red Hook Journal addresses a wide range of issues, but it is ultimately driven by key preoccupations of CCS Bard, its host institution: What are distinctive features inherent to the curating of contemporary art? Are there terminologies, exhibition histories, political stakes, and professional mythologies that set curators apart? Red Hook Journal subscribes to the working assumption that this is indeed the case, and further, that curatorial conventions and prerogatives need to be rendered more tangible and contestable, rather than ever more diffident and hazy. That said, the journal occasionally offers a platform to dissenting opinions.

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