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A Furry Game for the Curatorial Dictatorship of Tomorrow
Presented by the Hanns Eisler Nail Salon (H.E.N.S.)

Surely the curator is the preeminent revolutionary subject of our times, uniquely capable of leveraging the power and resources of the cultural sector even unto the peril of the state. While this moment is widely acknowledged across the various contending leftist ideological methodologies, it remains largely absent from contemporary considerations of curatorial pedagogy—its terminologies, institutions, aesthetic biases and professional parameters. Tragically, our Institutions of Critique lack a sustained investigation of those forms of pedagogy vital to the training and mobilization of the army of revolutionary curatorial bureaucrats adequate to our historical moment.

The mass of "artists" are still beset by a false consciousness that causes them to cathect libidinal energies and expend economic resources on the sustenance of their ultimately bourgeois subjectivities. Both volatile and easily manipulated, this politically retrograde and structurally underemployed workforce cries out for a highly bureaucratized curatorial leadership to direct its struggles. At the H.E.N.S. Department of Curatorial Studies, we understand that the undermining of artistic sovereignty, via the assignment of radical meta-artistic capacity to curatorial practice, is the first crucial step toward a radicalized cultural sector. Our Curatorial Research and Development Team has identified the curator as generative of the realm of the "discursive," an arena of productive collectivization outside of established hierarchies and institutional structures, an arena that will foster and support the decision-making skills needed to propel the revolution forward. Given the radical distribution of their own identities across the bureaucratic substratum, their roles as productive-force distribution hubs, and their uniquely powerful deployment of the "discursive," curators are ideally positioned to counteract the co-optation, stagnation and recuperation destined to befall those cultural institutions that persist in the illusion that "artists" constitute a progressive workforce under late capitalism.

H.E.N.S. joins our comrades in curatorial MFA programs across the world in the sincere hope that all aspects of art's production and distribution, and all aspects of artistic subjectivity, will one day fall under the control of a revolutionary bureaucracy of curators.

Having established the primacy of the curator in revolutionary action, the question becomes one of training. At H.E.N.S. we strive to produce tools for the cultivation and training of the radical curatorial administrator-subject. To this end we offer Forced Migration: Psychic Deterritorialization and Furry Animal Funtime Adventure, a choose-your-own-adventure game that will guide the burgeoning curator to complete and scientific knowledge of radical class praxis, polymorphous perversity, and agonic pluralism. Successful completion of the game will be the shibboleth for a new avant-garde curatorial elite. Choose your furry and fun animal below and make life choices to increase your Militant Curatorial Bureaucrat Ratio (MCBR) and achieve radical subjectivization. Those who gain an adequate MCBR will be granted access to Red Hook Journal and the knowledge therein. The most accomplished players will earn a coveted place on the H.E.N.S. Wall of Curator Bureaucrat Heroes.

Make the first crucial decision in your quest to join the ranks of the revolutionary curator bureaucracy! Do you want to be:

American BadgerNorthern Water Snake


Forced Migration

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Forced Migration: Psychic Deterritorialization and Furry Animal Fun-Time Adventure

A Furry Game for the Curatorial Dictatorship of Tomorrow

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Presented by the Department of Curatorial Studies, Hanns Eisler Nail Salon (H.E.N.S.)