Award for Curatorial Excellence

Each year, the Center for Curatorial Studies celebrates the achievements of a leading curator whose lasting contributions have shaped the way we conceive of exhibition-making today. The awardee is selected by an independent panel of leading contemporary art curators, museum directors, and artists. The award reflects CCS Bard’s commitment to recognizing individuals who have defined new thinking, bold vision, and dedicated practice to the field of exhibition practice.


Harald Szeemann

Harald Szeemann, 1998

Marcia Tucker

Marcia Tucker, 1999

Kasper Konig

Kasper Konig, 2000

Paul Schimmel

Paul Schimmel, 2001

Susanne Ghez

Susanne Ghez, 2002

Kynatson McShine

Kynatson McShine, 2003

Walter Hopps

Walter Hopps, 2004

Kathy Halbreich

Kathy Halbreich, 2005

Mari Carmen Ramirez

Mari Carmen Ramirez, 2005

Lynne Cooke

Lynne Cooke, 2006

Vasif Kortun

Vasif Kortun, 2006

Alanna Heiss

Alanna Heiss, 2007

Catherine David

Catherine David, 2008


Okwui Enwezor, 2009

Lucy Lippard

Lucy Lippard, 2010

Helen Molesworth

Helen Molesworth, 2011

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2011

Ann Goldstein

Ann Goldstein, 2012

Elisabeth Sussman

Elisabeth Sussman, 2013

Charles Esche

Charles Esche, 2014

Christine Tohme

Christine Tohme, 2015

Martha Wilson

Martha Wilson, 2015

Thelma Golden, 2016

Thelma Golden, 2016