Bard Career Development Office
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CDO works with employers across many fields and industries. There are several ways employers can get involved with CDO:
  • Register and post jobs/internship opportunities on our job board, Handshake
  • Host an information table or information session on campus at Bard during the fall or spring semester
  • Participate in some of our annual recruiting events, like the Fall Recruiting Consortium (FRC)
We are always interested in meeting and working with new employers. If you would like to find out more about our annual events and ways to get involved, please contact our office.

Contact Us:

Please contact us at 845-758-7539 or to find out how you can recruit at Bard.

Thank you for your interest in working with us.


Call for Employers

Bard College - Connecticut College - Swarthmore College - The College of William & Mary - Wesleyan University

The annual Fall Recruiting Consortium, FRC, offers employers a unique opportunity to interview a large number of candidates from five selective private liberal arts schools: Bard College, Connecticut College, Swarthmore College, The College of William & Mary, and Wesleyan University.

By bringing candidates to you, the Fall Recruiting Consortium is an easy and perfectly timed program for screening candidates for full-time openings as well as early identification of Summer Intern candidates for the summer hiring cycle.

As a participating employer, you will have the chance to pre-select students you wish to interview; schedules will be pre-arranged based on your selections for the interview day.

Previous FRC participants have included companies and organizations ranging from non-profits, education, science, and technology, to consulting, finance, communications, and publishing.

The 2017 event will take place in late October in New York City. Details are still being planned, however, if you are interested in participating or would like more information, please be sure to contact us at or 845-758-7539.

Why Employers Believe Bard Students Make Good Hires:

Craig Metrick, Principal, US Head–Responsible Investment

“I count hiring Katherine among the best personnel decisions I've made in my career. More than anything else Katherine's focus and purpose set her clearly apart from other candidates. It was clear Bard afforded her the experiences and knowledge to develop her passion, communication skills and work ethic leading to her being hired at Mercer.”

Randi Blender, Talent Acquisition Manager

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
“I came for a visit over the summer and then again this past spring semester. I wasn't sure what to expect as I did research on the school [Bard], and I wasn't sure if the students would be a match. I was happily surprised at what great contacts I made while spending about two hours there. Students came prepared with resumes, having already checked our website out, as well as students approaching me not knowing I would be there. I walked away with about five resumes. Since that time we have had applicants and hired one student into our Management Trainee Internship for this summer 2011. I found that Bard College is a match and plan to come back again!”

Kate Buckley, President

Buckley Pell Associates
“Over the last eight years, I have had the great pleasure of working with Bard Seniors who have worked part-time at my company. Bard students stand out for their creativity, positive attitude, and problem solving skills. It seems that students who are attending Bard have interesting backgrounds and work experience which enables them to look at the big picture when approaching new situations. I feel very fortunate to be able to turn to Bard College as a resource for students who are looking for work in their Senior year of study, and will continue to employ Bard College Seniors in the future. The students are sophisticated, speak well and are technically skilled. This is perfect combination for what I need in my marketing company.”