Recruitment Opportunities

CDO hosts several on-campus recruiting opportunities throughout the year and also participates in two selective annual recruiting events, the Fall Recruiting Consortium (FRC) and the New York Recruiting Consortium (NYRC).

Through our various recruiting events, students have the opportunity to prepare for, apply, and interview for job and internship opportunities during the academic year. CDO also posts jobs and internship opportunities specifically for Bard candidates to our Facebook and LinkedIn groups and can often connect students directly with those who share these opportunities with our office.

We encourage students to pay attention to the CDO online calendar for upcoming recruiting events including FRC and NYRC, and to connect with the Facebook and LinkedIn groups for active job and internship opportunities from the Bard Network.

Seniors & Juniors: Save the Date for FRC & NYRC

The Career Development Office is part of two selective liberal arts events, the Fall Recruiting Consortium (FRC) in October and the New York Recruiting Consortium (NYRC) in January. These events are open to juniors and seniors and are excellent opportunities to apply and interview for summer internships, as well as jobs beginning after graduation.

Each year at FRC and NYRC, top employers from a variety of fields, including education, finance, science, research, publishing, technology, non-profits, and more, interview juniors and seniors for summer internship and full-time post-grad jobs. Preparation for these events happen during the fall semester, with deadlines in September and November. If you junior or senior, please feel free to contact CDO for more information about FRC and NYRC.