Local to Global

Students engage hands-on with local, regional and global sustainability challenges while in residence at Bard, in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York State. See examples here and here. In January of the first year, all students participate in a ten-day immersion in Oaxaca Mexico focused on sustainable development. Read this letter home from Professor Segarra, and watch this video. In the second year, some students pursue international internships, while others work on local and regional challenges in the US.  
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Sustainable Development

January Term in Oaxaca, Mexico

All MS students participate in a ten-day intensive course, during January of the first year. During this faculty-led experience in Oaxaca, Mexico students work with local NGOs to understand how food, energy and water policies both affect local communities and how those policies evolve in a developing country context. All travel and lodging are included as part of program fees. The course is also open to the public for credit or certificate. Expand for Sustainable Development View Registration and Fee Information

Second-Year Internship

Local / National / Global

Beginning in June of the second year, students begin their extended professional internships, some scattered across the globe, some remaining rooted in New York's Hudson Valley. In the final semester, students workshop their capstone projects in the Masters Seminar, learning from each other about policy solutions to social and environmental problems both local and global. 

Local Solutions

While in residence at Bard, students engage with responses to sustainability challenges—from climate and energy, to food systems policy, land conservation and biodiversity, watershed management, and toxic pollution.  As one example, our MS policy students are currently helping to evaluate and develop a local micro-hydro project.