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Dates for Incoming Students

January 31 - Early Applicant Deadline for Financial Aid
  • FAFSA due for U.S. Citizens
  • International Financial Aid Application and Certificate of Finances due for international applicants
March 15 - Regular Applicant Deadline for Financial Aid
  • FAFSA due for U.S. Citizens
  • International Financial Aid Application and Certificate of Finances due for international applicants
May 15 - Final Deadline for Financial Aid  Please note: Fellowships and campus employment, if still available, will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis after the March 15th deadline.
  • Deadline for Rachel Carson and Wangari Maathai Scholars Program Application
  • FAFSA due for U.S. Citizens
  • International Financial Aid Application and Certificate of Finances due for international applicants

Dates for Returning Students

May 1 - Deadline for Second Year Students to Apply for Financial Aid
  • FAFSA and International FA Application/Cert. of Fin. due for second year students
  • CEP Fellowships and Internship Funding are available to second year students. 

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Financial Aid

Bard CEP also offers financial assistance in the form of fellowships, project assistantships, campus employment, and student loans. Financial aid is awarded each year on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, and available funding. Awards are made without regard to sex, sexual orientation, race, color, age, marital status, religion, ethnic or national origin, or handicapping conditions. Financial aid awards are not automatically renewed. Students wishing to reapply for fellowships and loans should submit their materials according to the deadlines for returning students below.

Fellowships and Other Assistance

  • First and Second Year: Riverkeeper Scholar
  • First and Second year: CEP Fellowships
  • First and Second year: Environmental Consortium Scholarships
  • First and Second year: Peace Corps Fellowships
  • First Year: Rachel Carson and Wangari Maathai Scholarships
  • First year: Bard-AmeriCorps Fellowship
  • First year: Project Assistantships
  • First and Second Year: LIASE Scholar (For Students from China, Japan or Korea)
  • First and Second Year: ASC Scholarship
  • First yearC2C Fellowship
  • First year: C2C Scholar
  • First year: City Year “Give-A-Year” Fellowships
  • Second year: Nancy Mathews ’64 Internship Fund

Student Loans

  • Federal Direct Loan
  • Federal GradPLUS
  • How big a loan should I take out for graduate school?

Applying for Financial Aid, Loans, or Fellowships

General Information

Bard CEP awards financial aid in the form of fellowships project and assistantships, which are based on a combination of financial need and academic merit. Financial aid award packages range from 10-70% of total tuition costs, with most students falling in the 20-40% range. Awards higher than 40% are not common, so incoming students should plan to finance the majority of their studies and living expenses from other sources. 

Students must reapply during their first year at Bard to be considered for fellowships, student loans, and internship funding in the second year. Second-year financial aid awards are based on a combination of financial need, academic merit, and availability of program funds. Second-year financial aid awards are typically the same percentage of tuition as first year awards; however, academic standing and availability of program funds is taken into account in calculating second year award letters.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to research external sources of funding and to apply for scholarships and grants that will support the tuition costs and living expenses of the program, including the internship and master’s thesis research. Many states sponsor loan programs. Commercial banks also offer private loans for students. Grant monies are available from a number of national organizations and private corporations that support education at the graduate level. International applicants are encouraged to seek support for educational expenses from their governments, foundations, or private agencies. External awards can be held concurrently with a Bard CEP fellowship award, and students are encouraged to notify Bard CEP about any external funding they have received.

Applying for Financial Aid (U.S. Citizens)

All incoming and returning students who are U.S. citizens seeking financial aid should complete the FAFSA form, available online at fafsa.ed.gov, or by request from the Bard College Office of Financial Aid (845-758-7526). For incoming students, the FAFSA should be submitted by the admission deadline that applies to you (e.g., if you apply by the January 15 deadline, you should also submit your FAFSA by January 15). Students in default of a federal student loan or owing a refund on a federal grant are not eligible for federal financial aid. Financial assistance is not automatically renewed for the second year of the program. Second-year Bard CEP students wishing to reapply for financial aid must submit a FAFSA by May 1 in order to be considered for any form of financial assistance in their second year. For questions regarding financial aid and student loans, please visit the Bard College Office of Financial Aid online at www.bard.edu/financialaid. Please indicate to them that you are inquiring about this as a graduate student.

Applying for Financial Aid (Non-U.S. Citizens)

International applicants are not eligible for financial assistance from the U.S. government, but may qualify for other sources of aid, including Bard CEP fellowships, assistantships, and campus employment. International applicants seeking financial aid should fill out the International Student Financial Aid Application and Certification of Finances, both available for download here. More information for international applicants can be found online here or by request from the Bard College Office of Financial Aid (845-758-7526).

Appeals to Financial Aid Awards
Students who wish to appeal a financial aid award, may do so in writing, explaining the reasons for seeking additional funding to support their graduate degree. Appeals are considered by the Graduate Committee, and if approved the student will be issued a revised financial aid award letter. Students will not be penalized for requesting additional funding, but should keep in mind there are limited program funds available to support all students in the program. Appeals will be processed through the admissions office, and letters may be sent directly to Director of Admissions, Katie Boyle (kboyle@bard.edu). Please include your reasons for requesting additional funding, any extenuating circumstances, and a list of foreseeable expenses for the academic year in question.