International Applicants

Bard CEP graduates include residents of many countries in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, and Europe. We welcome international students from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. Our selection committee considers academic performance and GRE scores, but also looks closely at our applicants’ statement of purpose, general writing skills, relevant work experience, and faculty and employer evaluations. International applicants must be highly proficient in both reading and writing English. As noted below, Financial Aid options are available for interational students.


January 15 - Early admission deadline
March 15 - Regular admission deadline
May 15 - Final admission deadline (not recommended for International students who need time to apply for a visa, these students should apply by Jan. 15 or Mar. 15)

Applying to the Bard CEP Program

International Applicants  should follow the general instructions for applying to the Bard CEP. In addition, non-native speakers of English must demonstrate proficiency in English and should take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). TOEFL scores should be sent to the Bard Center for Environmental Policy by the Educational Testing Service. The Bard College school code is 2037. Other evidence of English-language proficiency will be accepted only with the approval of the Graduate Admission Committee. Internet-based test scores must be near 100 to be considered.

Applying for Financial Aid

To be considered for financial aid at Bard College, international students and their parents are expected to complete the following forms:
  • International Student Financial Aid Form and
  • Certification of Finances (foreign nationals file in order to obtain a visa)
The preferential deadline for the International Student Financial Aid Form and Certification of Finances is January 15th. International students should send all financial forms directly to the Bard Center for Environmental Policy.

+ Financial Aid Options for International Applicants