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Refund Policy

No refunds of any fees are made in the event that a student withdraws from the program after registration, except as specified below. In no event is the deposit or housing payment refundable. In all cases, the student must submit to the Graduate Committee an official notice of intention to withdraw. The date of receipt of such a notice determines the amount of the refund. Students who officially withdraw before the first day of classes (start of Workshops) for the term in question are given a full refund, minus the nonrefundable enrollment deposit.

If official withdrawal from the program occurs in the first week of classes (i.e. during workshops), 75 percent of tuition is refunded; within the second week, 60 percent; within the third or fourth week, 30 percent. After four weeks, no refunds are given. Fees for registration, student health insurance, and facilities are nonrefundable.

If a student who is receiving financial aid withdraws from the program, their award or loan is prorated. Institutional fellowships are reduced by the same percentage as indicated in the tuition refund schedule above. Federal Stafford Loans are calculated according to the federal refund policy on the amount of the loan to be returned to the lender. A student who is considering withdrawal may wish to confer with the Student Accounts Office and the Financial Aid Office concerning any anticipated refund and the amount of the federal Stafford Loan that the College must return to the lender. This amount has a direct bearing on the amount of refund, if any, that the College will provide the student.

No refund is made in cases of suspension or expulsion.

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Tuition & Fees

2013-2014 Tuition and Fees

First-Year Students - including Peace Corps & Dual Degree
Tuition: $32,758
Registration Fee: $100
Facilities Fee: $150
Total Tuition: $33,008
Second-Year Students - including Peace Corps 
Tuition: $21,896
Registration Fee: $100
Facilities Fee: $150
Graduation Fee: $120
Total Tuition: $22,266
Professional Certificate Program
Tuition: $32,758
Registration Fee: $100
Facilities Fee: $150
Graduation Fee: $120
Total Tuition: $33,128
Second-Year Dual-Degree Students - MS/MAT & MS/MBA
Tuition (12 credits at $1139 per credits): $13,668
Registration, Facilities, Graduation Fee:  fees will be applied to the MBA or MAT student account
Total Tuition: $13,668
Second-Year Dual-Degree Students - MS/JD
Tuition (14 credits at $1139 per credits): $15,946
Registration Fee: $50
Facilities Fee: $75
Graduation Fee: $120
Total Tuition: $16,191
Graduate Housing Aug 31, 2013 - May 25, 2014
Dormitory Housing:  $6,944
Aug 23 - Aug 30, 2013: $26 per day

Payment Policies

Schedule of Payments

On acceptance of the Center’s invitation to join the program, new students pay a nonrefundable enrollment deposit of $500. This deposit is due two weeks after notification of admission and financial aid decisions. The balance of tuition and fees for the academic year is billed in two equal installments. Billing statements reflect tuition, fees, and credits for scholarships, fellowships, and approved student loans. Payments are due in the beginning of August and January for the fall and spring semesters, respectively.

Master's Project Fee

If the Master's Project  continues into subsequent academic years, the tuition is $1,295 per semester, unless the student has formally applied for and been granted official leave. For students who receive a deferred status or take a leave of absence, a maintenance-of-status fee of $500 per year is charged. An annual fee of $250 for all students covers registration ($100) and use of facilities ($150). Graduating students are charged a fee of $120 for preparations prior to graduation.

Health Insurance

  • All students must carry health insurance while in school.
  • Bard Basic Insurance: $1,402
  • Health Services Fee (2 times per year): $235

Student Expenses

Student expenses vary widely depending on student choices. Below are estimated expenses that are provided to give students a sense of what to expect in terms of the cost of graduate school. Dorm housing is comparable to off-campus housing costs.

  • Books, Supplies & Travel: $1,150
  • Personal Expenses: $3,000
  • Room & Board: $10,000 - $15,000