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Bard MBA in Sustainability and Bard Center for Environmental Policy present

Kickstarting Capitalism: Finding a Calling in a Clean Energy Future

A Conversation with Hunter Lovins and Eban Goodstein

Thursday, April 10, 2014

[Kickstarting Capitalism: Finding a Calling in a Clean Energy Future]
Broken economy, cooking planet. Six years after the financial meltdown, many college graduates still can't find jobs— let alone meaningful work. At the same time, global warming continues to drive record breaking temperatures, unprecedented droughts, and intensified storms. Sustainable Business Leader Hunter Lovins, author of Natural Capitalism and The Way Out, and Eban Goodstein, Director of Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College, will focus on how rewiring the world with clean energy can create tens of millions of jobs, and empower a rising generation to save the future.

Time | Location
Thursday, April 10th @ 4:30 pm
Vassar College, Rocky 200

Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability
Vassar Sustainability

Contact | Questions
Molly Williams, Bard Center for Environmental Policy | 845-758-7071 |

Download: Kickstarting Capitalism Poster Vassar.pdf

For more information, call 845-758-7071, or e-mail

Time: 4:30 pm

Location: Vassar College