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Director Goodstein's research on the value of the frozen Arctic covered internationally

A recently released study by Director Eban Goodstien, Eugenie Euskirchen, and Henry Huntington received major international coverage at a press conference in Iqaluit, Nunavut --  a southeast Baffin Island town where G7 finance ministers held a two-day meeting to discuss the global economy. The study, "An Initial Estimate of the Cost of Lost Climate Regulation Services Due to Changes in the Arctic Cryosphere", says that melting arctic ice could cost trillons by 2050. See some of the international press responses below. To view the report and background materials:

CBC - Arctic warming will cost world billions: Pew study

Reuters -Arctic melt to cost up to $24 trillion by 2050: report

Italy - Governo e ambientalisti mettono in mostra l'Artico

Russia - Ущерб от таяния арктических льдов оценили в 2,4 трлн долларов

Argentina - Clima: cosecuencias en la agricultura, urbanismo y seguros

Pakistan - Arctic melt to cost up to $24 trillion 

China - Arctic melt to cost up to $24 trln by 2050

- Arctic melt to cost up to $24 trln by 2050

-Arctic melt to cost up to $24 trln by 2050 -report

CBS News
- Arctic Degrading Faster than First Thought

- Arctic ice melt could cost $28tln by 2050: report

ABC News
- Study Says Arctic Ice Melt to Cost Global Economy $2.4 Trillion


Download: Eban_IqaluitReport_Prelease.doc

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