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New Citizen Science Program Launched for Bard Undergraduate Class of 2014

The entering undergraduate class of 2014 will be the first at Bard to spend three weeks in a January term program titled "Citizen Science." Modeled after the August Language & Thinking program, Citizen Science is an interdisciplinary investigation of the nature & conduct of science, drawing from biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and computer science. The subject for this year's program will be infectious disease-- its definition, character, understanding, and social & cultural interpretations. This January's program is designed to address the question "How can we reduce the global burden of infectious disease?"

Citizen Science is designed to offer all students (those concentrating in the sciences and those in other disciplines) the chance to discover the excitement and beauty of science, and to engage scientific issues with confidence and enthusiasm.

The director of the Citizen Science faculty team is Dr. Brooke Jude, a faculty member in the Division of Science, Mathemetics, and Computing. She offers courses at Bard in virology, microbiology, and genetics.

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