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CEP ’10 alumna Lisa Jaccoma published on, "Marketing clean techonology like we mean it"

Lisa R. Jaccoma is a senior marketing professional whose career has been dedicated to marketing emerging technologies, leading teams in shaping new markets and communicating the benefits of innovation. She has a Master’s of Science in Environmental Policy with a thesis on utility-scale solar policy and market development in the U.S.

"From a marketing and communications standpoint, 2011 should have been a wake-up call for the cleantech industry in the U.S. We are getting our collective butts kicked in the national conversation. Yes, individual companies did well. Enough good to outweigh the bad. But, the narrative in the media has been relentlessly negative, and it’s having an effect.

the latest Pew Research Center for the People & the Press poll (March 19, 2012), support nationally for alternative energy (a proxy for all of cleantech) has fallen significantly, by 11 points over just the past year, with support eroding further in the west, with men and with Republicans."

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