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CSP student Jed Wolf writes about his experience at the U.S.-India Energy Partnership Summit in D.C.

Image Credit: Jed Wolf (R) with Dr. R.K. Pachauri (L), general director of TERI and the chairperson of the IPCC

First year CSP student Jed Wolf recently attended the U.S.-India Energy Partnership Summit in Washington D.C. As the United States and India face the challenge of balancing economic growth with sustainable development, the adoption of clean energy technologies has become a priority for both countries. The Summit focused on ways in which both economies can cooperate to produce and disseminate clean energy technologies in order to reduce their dependence on traditional sources of energy, while propelling economic growth. 

"At the 
U.S.-India Energy Partnership Summit, a distinguished panel, including academics, CEOs, and high-ranking government officials, discussed the barriers to technology transfer between the U.S. and India and how these barriers may be overcome in the coming years.

Much of the day’s discussion centered around the role international treaties, institutions, property rights and laws play in developing efficient, reliable and affordable technologies that will help shape India’s energy future."

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This event was last updated on 05-16-2012