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Libby Murphy, CSP '13, awarded the 2012 Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Inc. Founders Fund Scholarship.

Congrats to Libby!

Elizabeth Murphy is the 2012 recipient of the $3,500
Theodore Gordon Flyfishers Founders Fund Scholarship. Ms. Murphy is a Masters candidate at Bard College in the Climate Science and Policy program. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Geology from Vassar College and was one of ten national awardees of the Compton Mentor Fellowship in 2008 which enabled her to further her studies on tidal power in the Northeast. With a commitment to her home region, the Hudson River Valley, Ms. Murphy’s passion and work has focused on energy. “Energy is not just electricity, transportation and heat, it is everything: food, shelter, health and happiness. Our current society has an enormous energy deficit and we are rapidly approaching bankruptcy. In order to restore an energy balance, we must examine not only the science, but also the economics and society, to determine the best technologies and practices.”

Ms. Murphy has worked as project manager for local renewable energy companies, is a volunteer member on the Town of New Paltz’s Environmental Conservation Board, and is also an Energy and Efficiency Consultant for Bard College. In addition, she is founder and contributor for , a blog dedicated to reporting on the latest in clean technology and policy.

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