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Professor Phillips Hosts Local Farmers and Ag Specialists on Managing Small Ruminants

Gansvoort Farm is operated by Professor Jennifer Phillips using land management practices that encourage improved water and soil quality and enhanced forage biodiversity and productivity. Phillips's flock of 60 grass fed Icelandic-cross ewes is pasture lambed while moving through a modified intensive grazing rotation on 60 acres of pasture.

Professor Phillips will discuss: 1) her general land management program, 2) how she handles pasture lambing and 3) the tools she uses for parasite management including alternating her beef cows and sheep in the pasture rotation, maintaining a diverse forage sward including chicory, and selecting against ewes who exhibit more difficulty with parasites. Phillips markets 4 to 5 month old lambs directly off pasture in the fall as custom-cut lambs to consumers as well as whole USDA-slaughtered carcasses to butcher shops and restaurants. She will also discuss her markets for medium-grade wool and Icelandic pelts.

Cornell Goat & Sheep Extension Specialist, Tatiana Stanton, will share examples of practices that experienced Northeast farmers have developed to reduce labor and expenses during the birthing season. We’ll emphasize management considerations for successful pasture lambing and kidding.

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This event was last updated on 07-06-2012