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"Fracked Ideologies," co-authored by Jordan M Kincaid, EP '13, published at Science Progress about the fracking debate and the future of politics

Image Credit: Karl Rabe

Jordan M. Kincaid is a Visiting Fellow at the University of North Texas Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity and a current second year student in Environmental Policy at Bard CEP. Kincaid and Adam Briggle write about the current vehement debate regarding hydraulic fracturing and the surprising divisions of the pro- and anti-fracking factions at Science Progress. Instead of dividing on traditional left or right party lines, they have observed that people's personal opinions of fracking are based on more complex issues. As a result, they will be conducting empirical research to determine if people's position on fracking can be explained by proactionary and precautionary positions. Science Progress is an online journal encompassing the intersection of science, technology and public policy and is managed by the Center for American Progress.

Read "Fracked Ideologies."

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