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C2C Fellows: Training Environmental Leaders


Eban Goodstein kicked off the Northeast Regional
C2C Fellows Workshop at Bard College on November 30th with a call to action for young environmentalists. “We’ve arrived at a truly extraordinary moment in human history,” he told the audience. “The decisions you make will impact not only your lives and the lives of your children, but the lives of every human being who will walk the earth from here on out.” Goodstein is the director of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy (CEP) and the new Bard MBA in Sustainability Program. C2C, a Bard CEP program, hosts regional workshops in environmental leadership around the United States. The inaugural workshop was held at Bard last December, and this weekend’s gathering was C2C’s fifth. The C2C Fellows are current students or recent graduates who plan to pursue careers in sustainability through politics or business. C2C is shorthand for Campus to Congress, to Capitol, to City Hall, and to Corporation. The relationship between green initiatives, entrepreneurs, educators, and lawmakers at all levels was evident throughout the weekend.

Read more about the C2C Fellows workshop and the great group that gathered at Bard on the CEP blog,
The Bard Eco Reader.

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