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CEP student wins Open Space Institute Award for internship work 


Bard CEP second year masters student and returned Peace Corps volunteer Megan McClellan was a recipient of one of the Open Space Institute’s McHenry awards.

Each year the Open Space Institute provides four McHenry awards to college or graduate students who are implementing projects in tourism, environmental conservation, historic preservation, or arts in conjunction with a non-profit organization.  All projects must take place in the Hudson River Valley.  The award is for $5000.

“When I was looking for an internship back in February a professor suggested that I contact the Woodstock Land Conservancy. They were very interested in having an intern to help them with their quickly developing Catskill Mountain Rail Trail Project. As a small community land trust, however, they were unable to provide funding for the internship.  With a young child at home, I would have been unable to accept an unpaid internship.  When we were awarded the McHenry award for tourism I was then able to accept the internship, which has been an extremely rewarding experience,” said Megan.

Megan will use her experience at the Woodstock Land Conservancy to help develop her master’s thesis.

Read more about Megan’s internship and the Woodstock Land Conservancy here!

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This event was last updated on 08-26-2013