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CEP '13 Graduate Writes Huffington Post Article on World Water Crisis

Bard Center for Environmental Policy Class of 2013 graduate Karen Corey recently wrote article for the Huffington Post's Water section. Karen is currently working for Forest Trends as a program assistant for their Water Initiative projects. 

Karen’s post talks about the challenge of accessing clean water that millions of people worldwide face daily. Failing privatization and charity initiatives have opened up a third channel for clean water: investments in watershed services. Forest Trends is committed to projects and education for global south farmers through partnerships with organizations like the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation and their own Ecosystem Marketplace initiative.

Read Karen’s blog on Huff Post! And to find out how you can get involved, click here.

Karen is a Returned Peace Corps volunteer from Samoa and has previously worked at Resources for the Future (a DC-based environmental economics think tank). She participated in Bard CEP's Master's International program. 

For more information on our Peace Corps programs, look here

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