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How We Feed Ourselves Panel: Access the Audio!

A look at large- and small-scale farming practices in the U.S.: Can we feed ourselves and protect our natural resources? 
Bard College faculty Dr. Eshel, Dr. Feder, and Dr. Phillips spoke with us during Family and Alumni/ae Weekend about the current challenges facing the agricultural industry in America as it tries to feed a growing population with limited and declining natural resources.  

Dr. Eshel, Research Professor of Physics and Environmental Science, Bard College, discussed the public health and environmental impacts of food production and consumption with a focus on environmental footprint minimization through diet modification.  

Dr. Phillips, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Bard Center for Environmental Policy, devled into the differences between high-intensity farming on small amounts of land and a managed agroecosystem approach which will likely use more land.  

Dr. Feder, Associate Professor of Economics, Bard College, explained how U.S. tax policies systematically favor large farms over small farms and that changes in this system can lead to a promotion of more efficient land management.  

Corinna Borden, Sustainable Food Advocate for Chartwells at Bard, introduced the panelists.

Listen to the discussion here! 

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This event was last updated on 11-04-2013