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Bard Stormwater Project Based on CEP Thesis is Awarded Grant Funding

The Bard Regional Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project will use GIGP (Green Innovation Grant Program) funds to implement green infrastructure practices that slow the speed of stormwater, clean it, and infiltrate it as part of a holistic solution to the problem of flooding and water contamination caused by impermeable surfaces. This project turns a problem area into an educational asset: eliminating a compacted crushed gravel parking area and transforming it into a pervious one will enhance the most heavily-trafficked parking area on the Bard campus. A constructed stormwater wetland, bio-retention areas, and education components are also planned for the area. 

The project idea came out of a thesis written by 2012 graduate and Columbia County resident, Carol Smillie, entitled SUSTAINABLE STORMWATER MANAGEMENT: RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE BARD COLLEGE CAMPUS. 

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This event was last updated on 12-23-2013