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In NPR feature, Lindsey Shute '07 explains access to affordable land is major obstacle for young farmers.

Bard CEP alumna Lindsey Lusher Shute '07, executive director of the National Young Farmers' Coalition (NYFC), was featured in an NPR story about the challenges facing farmers today. According to a survey conducted by NYFC, access to affordable land is one of the major obstacles for most young farmers. Without policies to protect farmland, many farmers need to be "creative" when finding access to land on which they can farm. Read/listen to the full story here.   

Lindsey Lusher Shute is the Executive Director and co-founder of the National Young Farmers’ Coalition, (NYFC) a membership-based organization dedicated to the success of the next generation of sustainable farmers in the United States. NYFC's supporter network includes thousands of farmers and consumers from all fifty states, who work together to advocate for change in Federal policy, develop new farm technology through the Farm Hack project and solve local issues through regional NYFC chapters. Lindsey regularly speaks at conferences and meetings across the nation, advocating for practical and policy solutions that will help beginning farmers build independent and sustainable farms. Lindsey and her husband run Hearty Roots Community Farm, a 600-member CSA farm, in the Hudson River Valley. Lindsey's first growing experience was at the Red Shed Community Garden in Brooklyn, which she built from the ground up with neighbors. 

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This event was last updated on 03-24-2014