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MS/MAT alum and biology teacher in NYC has school feature on PBS.


Ariadne Prior-Grosch, a recent MS/MAT graduate from Bard College, works as a biology teacher in New York City for the new Academy of Software Engineering. Her school is featured in this short video for their participation in the innovative iMentor program, which pairs high school students with a mentors to increase support for their career and college goals. Ariadne has a brief cameo appearance at minute 1:30! 

Watch here!

"The next edition of “MetroFocus” examines the success of mentoring in the public schools starting with a visit to the not yet two year-old Academy for Software Engineering near Union Square. Reporter Rick Karr shows us how the new public high school is incorporating the iMentor program into the curriculum.  It’s a new approach to mentoring that combines face-to-face interaction with weekly emails and four-year long relationships with students. In a follow up interview, iMentor CEO Mike O’Brien tells “MetroFocus” host Rafael Pi Roman, “We’re trying to partner with the schools that have the biggest college challenge, serving majority first-generation college students from low-income communities, and prove that those students can get into college and complete college at the same rates as their peers all across the country.” 

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This event was last updated on 01-24-2014