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Feb 16 / BARD CEP

International Accountability Project Fellowship- Asia and Latin America

Organization: International Accountability Project

Job Title: Summer Research Fellow

Location: Asia and Latin America; indicate preference.

Position Dates : The Fellowship program is 12 weeks, including a two-week orientation in IAP’s offices, 9 weeks in the field, and a one-week wrap-up and final presentation back at the office. Start and end dates are flexible but ideally early-June to mid-August.

Costs: We encourage candidates to explore opportunities for partial or full funding through their graduate programs, to enable travel and work with IAP partners in the Global South. IAP will make every effort to supplement funding as needed to cover project and travel costs. Unfortunately, all fellowship positions are unpaid at this time.

Application Deadline: February 28, 2012

Posted on: February 16, 2012


Organization Overview

The International Accountability Project (IAP) challenges destructive development projects that uproot and impoverish millions of people across the Global South. Working with grassroots and international partners, IAP advocates for international policies that respect the rights and livelihoods of people threatened by unjust development and supports communities to hold their ground and defend their homes, environment and human rights.


IAP launched the Summer Research Fellowship program in 2007. Over the five years since its launch, the field research produced by fellows has contributed to IAP popular education manuals, shaped policy recommendations submitted to the World Bank, and identified cases of on-the-ground rights violations that led to formal complaints being filed at international accountability mechanisms.

In addition, the experience of working with IAP and our partners has often resulted in a profound deepening of fellows’ personal commitment to, and understanding of, issues of global justice.

This unique program allows currently enrolled graduate students and young advocates to participate in substantive work with IAP and our colleagues in Asia and Latin America, and to conduct research that advances our shared campaigns.


In 2012, IAP seeks 2-3 Summer Research Fellows to work in two of our program areas. IAP seeks one to two Summer Research Fellows with a strong interest in renewable energy, environmental or public policy and sustainability in international development. Fellows will conduct a scoping study of organizations, individuals and institutions involved in research and promotion of renewable energy in either Bangladesh or Vietnam. This study will lay the groundwork for IAP efforts to promote partnerships between grassroots communities facing destructive energy-sector development projects and ongoing work on renewable energy alternatives. If fellow(s) is interested, some additional work related to IAP’s ongoing campaigns may be incorporated into the work plan.

In addition, IAP seeks one Summer Research Fellow with experience working with grassroots networks and capacity building programs. The Fellow will participate in two projects. In the first, the Fellow will conduct outreach and gather feedback from community partners who participate in field-testing a popular education resource, A Community Action Guide to the Asian Development Bank: Making Safeguard Policies Work for Justice. In the second, the Fellow will help to support efforts by communities and NGOs to monitor investments by the International Finance Corporation (the private sector lending arm of the World Bank). Both projects will be conducted in India.


Fellowship positions are open to currently-enrolled graduate students with coursework and work experience in the issues IAP works to address.

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a CV and cover letter on what motivates your interest to work with IAP on this project to: In your letter, please indicate the project for which you wish to apply. If you are interested in the renewable energy project, please indicate whether your interest is limited to one of the two countries, or if you would be open to either option.

Feel free to email or call the office (415.659.0555) with any questions.

International Accountability Project

Summer Fellowship Program

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