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Jun 26 / BARD CEP

Astrum Solar Associate Position – Columbia, MD

Organization: Astrum Solar

Job Title: Associate

Location: Columbia, MD

Hours and Compensation: Full time, Low pay

Position Dates: Start ASAP

Application Deadline: June 3

Posted On: June 22, 2012

Organization Overview

Astrum Solar is a funded high-growth early stage company whose goal is to spread solar power to rooftops across the US, starting with the Eastern US and targeting residential customers. We aim to innovate in the sales and marketing of solar to consumers and make it easy and exciting for homeowners to go solar. Astrum Solar is looking for energetic, intelligent, and entrepreneurial individuals passionate about solar energy to join their quickly growing team. Previous Associates hail from Harvard, Dartmouth, Yale, Duke, UVA, Cornell,
and Rice and are now managers at Astrum Solar or have moved onto Business,
Law, and Graduate School.

Description and Responsibilities

The position is unstructured, so you will have plenty of work and plenty of interaction with others, but you need to be entrepreneurial. We are also looking for ideas from you, if you come up with something, you will be encouraged to pursue it. If you are looking for a nice paycheck, this job is not for you. However, the low pay is temporary (1-2 years). As the company grows, your responsibilities and pay will also grow. We are looking for highly intelligent folks who will find some of the work quite menial (i.e. paperwork, or sitting at a government office waiting for a permit). However, it’s a startup, so everyone is doing that sort of work, and there will be a wide variety of work, from menial to creative, from administrative to strategy. As the company grows and you become more senior, the sophistication level of the work will also increase. We are not looking for a secretary or a clerical worker, although
much of the work (especially at first) will be clerical.
This position is perfect for someone who recently finished a top-tier institution, who is green minded and eager to learn, and who is willing to trade salary for a rewarding experience and potential. This is NOT an internship: we are hiring full-time employees who we plan to invest into and who can grow with the company. We are looking for promise and passion.

How to Apply

To apply, please go to

Please see their website with any questions

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